Staying Busy, Staying Cold: Denver and Minnesota


It has been a whirlwind two weeks since my family and I returned to Texas for a month’s break from my studying in Jerusalem.

A week ago, I flew to Denver to participate in the exciting launch of a new organization that I am honored to serve on the advisory board of: FIRM – Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries 

I was honored to be included on a panel with some notable supporters of Israel, discussing why FIRM is such an important and needed organization right now. From left to right: Dr. Kerry Teplinsky, Light of Zion Ministries, Mr. Tomas Sandell, European Coalition of Israel, Steve Strang, founder of Charisma Media, Dr. Michael Brown, FIRE International, Dr. Wayne Wilks (one of my personal heroes), Gateway Church, and Pastor Wayne Hilsden, King of Kings Ministries, Jerusalem.


Early this week, my family and I flew up to Minnesota to see my family here.  After a couple of days of mild temperatures (25-30F, ha!), the thermometer plummeted last night to a wind chill of around -30F.  That kind of cold is simply on another level.

I stayed warm by enjoying an opportunity to speak to three classes of high school juniors this morning from the class of one of my favorite teachers from 15 years ago – “Mrs. Rink.”  What an honor it was, and truly exciting to see them take such an interest in wanting to partner with my wife and I in educating young children in Ethiopia at our Yewoinzer Academy in Woliso.  I was encouraged to be around a group of young people that really are interested in social justice and empowering other people.  My hope and prayer is that they go further than I could dream to go, do more than I could hope to do, and touch more lives than I ever could!


Our time in the U.S. is about half way done, and we are looking forward to getting back home to the ranch to settle in and rest before we fly back to Israel and embark on the 2nd half of our year-long journey in the Middle East.

Onward to Texas, and the madness of the month of February!

Stay warm out there,

– Nic


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  1. Wait? You were in MN and didn’t set up any meetings we could go to? 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tov, my apologies! It was a quick visit to see the family! Maybe next time!


      • Pray the UN won’t convince the Leaders of Israel to split Jerusalem and Israel in any way. I hope to go to Israel next fall and go to King of Kings church to see my cousins Kurt and Maggie Vetterling. Aval my heart is heavy for Gods chosen people. So much trouble and persecution for a people who does not deserve it. Pray for their peace!
        Shalome, Sharon Dodge


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