Yes, it IS Time to Re-Think America’s Support of Israel



It finally happened. I agree with the main stream media. (queue TAPS)

After the shocking win by the Likud and Benjamin Netanyahu here in Israel last Tuesday, the headlines from American media could not stop churning out stories about what the future will look like between the U.S. and Israel.

It’s no secret that Netanyahu and Obama have a strained relationship right now.  In fact, have they ever had a “good” one?  The media coming from America is ripe with commentary on what the future will look like after Netanyahu made a flurry of pre and post-election statements on his intentions of resuming a two-state peace negotiation with the Palestinians.  Many commentators from both ends of the political spectrum in the U.S. are saying that it’s “time for America to re-evaluate our relationship with the Jewish State.”

Wow, I agree!

But why do I need to lay out my case for a different plan of action from the White House when someone smarter than me (and a Jewish Israeli) has already thought this through so well?

Destined to Live Together, by Calev Myers

The two-state solution is history.  It’s time for the Jewish State to spread its democratic wings over Judea and Samaria to expand the citizenship of the ONLY true protector of human rights in the Middle East – Israel.

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