Confused About Iran? Read These 5 Articles



In today’s world, it can be really hard to keep up with news events.  The flurry of activity on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere moves fast and furious.  And it’s gotten harder and harder to decipher what sources are truly trustworthy for unbiased commentary that allows the reader to make their own decisions.

I’ve been reading and following the news and updates on the Iranian nuclear talks very closely the past few weeks.  Living in in the Middle East while these talks are taking place makes them much more relevant that if I was reading about them from the comfort of my home in Texas.

Here are 5 great articles that will give you a very good understanding of the deal being worked out between the Obama administration and the Iranians.

1. Understanding the key terminology and context of the negotiations

2. A list of the 8 key elements of the proposed deal

3. Why this deal is good and why it is bad – all at the same time

4. One big thing the skeptics of the Iran deal get right

5. The Israeli perspective: the good, bad and ugly of the proposed deal

Come to your own conclusions after reading these.  I, personally, conclude that the current deal is not a good enough one to move forward on in that it fails to address Iran’s growing presence in the Middle East.  With Iran being involved (via proxy or directly) in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq already, the lifting of sanctions and liberation of their nuclear power program will do nothing but increase their negative, unsettling influence in the region.




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