Jesus the Palestinian

It seems like every few months, someone will post something on the topic of Jesus’ perceived nationality at the time of his life on earth.

“Jesus was a Palestinian Jew!”

“Jesus was Palestinian!”

“If Mary was alive today, she would not have been allowed to enter Bethlehem!

It was not until I read this great piece by Mark Tooley (one of my favorite bloggers) this morning that I heard this same idea was mentioned on the DNC stage a few weeks ago.  It’s not surprising, given the idea that Jesus being Palestinian somehow aligns him more closely with suffering, oppressed minorities of our current society.  (Uhh, did he not get literally killed for basically identifying with oppressed minorities His whole life? I guess that is not enough for the modern Social Justice Warriors)

Here’s an excerpt from Tooley’s piece:

Jesus was and is actually much more exciting than stale socialists and statists who ignore what really liberates the poor from chronic poverty. Compounding the irony, the aging and dwindling proponents of 1970s style Liberation Theology preach against “empire” but demand widely coercive governmental powers to enact their version of social justice.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a TL;DR summary…

No, Jesus was not (and is not) a Palestinian.

But He did give His life for them (and you, and me).


Adding to the noise,




Update: Here’s another great blog on this topic that is QSP (quick, short and powerful) from an Israeli friend, Ron Cantor.

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