Home Improvement Sunday

Sundays are our “Saturdays” (as most Americans understand that phrase).  We go to congregation/worship/church/service/whateveryoucallit on Saturday mornings (and we LOVE it).  Thus, Sunday is our day to get things done.  Saturday afternoons are for naps, Sunday afternoons are for household chores.

We bought a house in DFW last December, and one of the things that has been bothering me are the can lights in the master bathroom.  They are above the bath and shower, and they like to go dark intermittently after they’ve been on for 10+ minutes – due to overheating.

My good buddy, Weston (who is a journeyman electrician, and all-together superhuman) recently told me about an LED retrofit for can lights.  So this weekend I went down to Home Depot and picked two of them up.


First, talk about easy to install!  All I had to do was unscrew the lightbulb in the can and screw in the wiring apparatus for the LED lights as I would a replacement light bulb.  In less than 1 minute, I had a new LED can light installed.

Second, the lights are Bluetooth enabled. You simply download an app on your smartphone and can then control the brightness level of the lights from your phone – or even set an on/off schedule. I set both of mine at 50%, as LED’s can be BRIGHT.  And, of course, the best thing about LED’s are their low energy usage and incredible lifespan.  These babies will last for 45 years!


There you have it. An easy, 5-mintue home improvement! And if you’re interested in retrofitting your can lights as well, here’s the link to the products I bought: http://www.feit.com/homebrite/

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re having a great weekend!



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  1. Great info Nic. We re about to put some more lighting in our den area. See ya soon. Kevin Bentley

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  2. WOW that sounds cool. When we purchase/build our house we’ll have to get these.

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